Helping Jamie Oliver with Small Change

25 Apr

I applied for a job with Jamie Oliver through his foundation. I really couldn’t find another to speak at him, other than by sending in a recipe or buying some of his many commercial products. The man is, without question, a marketing machine.

Who can blame him? Money is the name of the food game; completely, absolutely, and some would say necessarily so. Though Brazil’s hunt for Zero Hunger suggests otherwise.

But I digress. I sent in a job application for some special events position because they give you room for a couple of paragraphs to talk about important issues – which I presume means to put your personal face forward.

I put the face of the Nickel-a-Meal Campaign forward. And I actually didn’t get blocked or anything; I got a personal response.

Not a good one, of course. Seems he’s busy, can’t possibly consider every idea that comes through, and does have some nice projects in the works. Mostly in Europe. Which I suspect may be related to the way Los Angeles treated him.

But that’s not fair to say yet. We’ve only seen two episodes of the 2011 season. And those editors do have a way of deceiving us.

I really don’t have much hope to jump to the top yet, but I find it interesting that, even with good corporate sponsorship, he is constantly in need for more resources. He can do the little things he needs and I know he’s not hurting for basic operating money. To get the big players to notice, however, those amounts aren’t going to work.

Jamie couldn’t even give the local burger guy in LA double what he makes in two weeks to use that guys site to come up with healthy food. The proprietor thinks it will hurt his reputation if the other restaurant boys and girls he plays will see him in the playground with healthy food.

The only way to address this is by having large numbers of people taking the same tactics with the power of a continuous flow of IMPACTFUL INVESTMENT dollars? Which will not materialize unless those who want a return on their investment see that a steady flow of earned income is possible.

Stew this, folks, and see if you agree with me about what Jamie’s problem is. Lots and lots and lots of nickels and dimes. I found it funny when Jamie did his homework and brought down the cost of the meat for his healthier burger to just a few cents more than the regular guy paid. Those few cents still made a difference – which is, of course, the very point of my thinking about change.

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