(Jamie) Oliver’s Twist

I love Jamie Oliver, even when he isn’t naked. Always have. Great style and personal appeal. Not to mention that his heart is in the anti-obesity campaign more genuinely than just about anyone else. Who can argue with someone who calls his mainstream television campaign a Food Revolution?

He doesn’t want to entertain us into something easy to do. He fundamentally wants to bring about change we can all see and, perhaps, truly count upon.

Sadly, however, his efforts fall short on some fronts. They also tend to suffer to a good degree for the same reason that Michelle Obama’s Let’s Move campaign will not achieve its audacious goals. For the most part their efforts center a good deal on getting victims to exercise more and learn more about the realities of good, healthy and tasty food options.Both approaches blame the victims by putting much of the emphasis for correcting the problems square on the carryout tray of those who frequent the offending locations.

Burgers Against Obesity offers more – more appeal, more direct attention, more and nearly endless streams of money.

“I can’t even control the commercials”

On Friday, June 17th, the impact of the frustrations Jamie feels became evident when he was standing before a meeting of school food servers within the Los Angele Unified School District. Audience members didn’t like the perception that they were not serving good food (which, of course, they are not), and opted to take out their concerns on Jamie. Justifiably, one might argue, he got slammed for being a pretty intense marketing machine that seems to be trying to make money for him. Which even he couldn’t entirely run from.

But what was most intriguing was how he depressed his shoulders and fessed up that he couldn’t even get his network to stop from broadcasting fast food commercials during his show!

Just like the man Jamie enlisted from the Los Angeles drive-through burger joint – revenues for someone’s profit were paramount. Money matters and unless someone finds a way around that problem … hey, wait a minute!

There just might be a way to solve this problem just one nickel at a time!

Check this page and our discussion page in the future for more of the good and less good of Jamie Oliver’s own little twists. He’s a great person who is learning to be a powerful activist.

Perhaps one or more of our followers might be able to help us get in touch with Jamie to see if we can get him to see the error of some of his ways? If you have any suggestions, please send us a note …


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